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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I really need to upload a picture to be able to post?

    Yes. The integrity of the site is maintained by the validity of the items purchased. Even if you are making it up, you should have a picture that we can talk shit about!

  2. Do I need to have a Twitter account to create a post?

    No. If you have a Twitter account your post will create a link to your Twitter page above your post and it will be seen in the auto-generated Twitter post to ShitIBoughtinMX. If you do not have a Twitter account you can still post to the site.

  3. Ok, I have a Twitter account now. Can I add it to my profile?

    Yes, just click "My Profile" and type your twitter user name into the correct field.

  4. I updated my profile to notify me if someone adds an item or talks shit about my items but I'm not getting the email. Why?

    E-mail notifications are currently being developed. We expect you to start receiving e-mails in July (2010).

If you have any other questions or suggestions of ways to make this site better, feel free to email us at


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